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Blade spins freely on the Sleeve with minimal drag and friction so your natural baits and trolling lures track true.

No worries, Sleeve protects leader from chafing and prevents washout from the front. Inside diameter of Sleeve .062" / 1.57mm. 

Running a larger leader? Ditch the Sleeve and run the Blade alone. Inside diameter of Blade (without Sleeve)  .177" / 4.50mm.

Rig it with or without the protective sleeve and add some BUZZ to your favorite trolling lure. The blade spins well at all speeds and creates a vibration that drives ‘em crazy.

Trigger the Bite! 

Run the Blade alone for larger leaders and when the face of your lure needs to be exposed. The spinning blade pre-agitates the water before it enters the intake holes creating wicked smoke. Inside diameter of Blade (without Sleeve)  .177” / 4.50mm 

The Lateral Line is an acute sensory system in game fish used to detect movement, vibration, and pressure gradients in the surrounding water. As their primary sense for locating food, predators use their lateral line system to follow the vortices produced by fleeing prey.

FINALLY, a spinning blade designed specifically for trolling applications. 

Don't Troll Without It!